The Team

  • Alex Lu

    Biomedical Computation, Stanford 2019

  • Hi! I’m Alex, I went to Palo Alto High School! Looking forward to a fun second year of GGSO. Also looking forward to not having to drive to Berkeley… the cinnamon buns were worth it though.

    Favorite events: Anatomy and Physiology, Forensics

    Fun fact: This pic is from pre-prom after States 2015 .__.

  • Allison Yao

    Psychology, Berkeley 2021

  • Hello, I'm Allison! I am an alum and was a captain of the Temple City HS Science Olympiad team from Southern California. Science Olympiad was undoubtedly the defining experience of my high school career, and I am beyond excited to take it to the next step in college with this incredible opportunity to make this tournament a reality. Science on!

    Favorite events: Forensics, Invasive Species, anything ID really :)

    Fun fact: I guess I'm a meme? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Abraham Chen

    Economics and Computer Science, Berkeley 2019

  • Hi, my name is Abraham Chen, I’m a Mounds View Scioly Alumni, and I’ve been involved in Scioly all through high school. One time my team’s Scioly bus got stranded on a highway for 7 hours, making our trip to a tournament 21+ hours. That’s dedication.

    Favorite events: Forensics, Fossils and Experimental Design

    Fun fact: I like heights because it scares me.

  • Becca Nelson

    Ecology, Stanford 2020

  • I'm an Adlai E. Stevenson High School and Daniel Wright Jr. High scioly alum who did Science Olympiad for 6 years. I competed at 5 Nationals, starting in 8th grade. Science Olympiad influenced me to pursue a career in ecology, so I'm excited to help out as an alum! I’m a sophomore at Stanford, and I do research on plant ecology.

    Favorite events: Invasive Species, Forestry, Ornithology, Fossils, Hydrogeology

    Fun fact: I'm an avid birder!

  • Colin Barber

    Microbiology, Berkeley PhD Program

  • Hi I’m Colin and I love microbes. I competed for Wellwood Middle School and Fayetteville-Manlius High School and I graduated with a BS in microbiology from Cornell University last May. For three years, I also helped lead Science Olympiad at Cornell where I served as co-president 2015-16. Did I mention I love microbes?

    Favorite events: Microbe Mission, Fermi Questions, Thermodynamics

    Fun fact: I have a buzzcut in my picture because my Fermi partner and I agreed to shave each other’s heads if we got 1st in Fermi at States 2013. The rest is history.

  • Dhruv Puri

    Molecular and Cellular Biology, Berkeley 2019

  • Hi, my name is Dhruv, I’m a LASA Scioly Alumni, and I’ve been involved in Scioly all through high school. Science Olympiad helped me find my passion for biology and had led me to a career in medicine.

    Favorite events: Anatomy and Physiology, Protein Modeling, Material Science

    Fun fact: Most nights you can find me DJing in SF or LA at salsa and bachata clubs.

  • Jeffrey Hu

    Computer Science, Stanford 2021

  • Hi, I’m Jeffrey, an alum of the Mounds View Science Olympiad team. Science Olympiad was a blast in high school, and I’m thrilled to continue with it through GGSO!

    Favorite events: Electric Vehicle, Robot Arm, Mission Possible

    Fun fact: I have a debilitating pen addiction T_T

  • Kathryn Li

    Molecular and Cell Biology, Berkeley 2020

  • Hi, my name is Kathryn and I’m a Palo Alto Science Olympiad alum. In my three years on the team, I’ve competed in a variety of study, lab, and build events, from Chem Lab to Bridge Building. Science Olympiad has been the most important influencer of my college career, so I am incredibly excited to give back to the community through this tournament!

    Favorite events: Forensics, Chem Lab, Protein Modeling, Bridge Building

    Fun fact: I like to figure skate in my free time!

  • Kevin Meng

    Psychology and Economics, UC Berkeley 2020

  • Hello! Call me Kevin or kmeng! I’m an Ed W. Clark HS Scioly alumni and captain. In preparation for state and nationals, I’ve stayed at school so late that midnight snacks and basketball with the cleaning staff is a norm. I’ve been told before that my love for Science Olympiad is “infectious”. Spread the love and stay committed!

    Favorite events: Gravity Vehicle, Elastic Launched Glider, Wright Stuff, WIDI

    Fun fact: My team and I won a state championship in soccer! I have a fierce passion for music and sports. Play me.

  • Kevin Tien

    Computer Science, Stanford 2020

  • Hey, I’m Kevin (“KTien” since there are two Kevins on our executive board). I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky, where I helped captain DuPont Manual High School’s Science Olympiad team. Outside of academics, I enjoy volunteering for Cardinal Free Clinics, skying fools for Stanford’s Ultimate Frisbee team, and searching for nearby boba tea cafés.

    Favorite events: MagLev, It’s About Time, Chemistry Lab, Pickup Frisbee Before Awards

    Fun fact: I do research on the African Cichlid fish, though I’m deathly icthyophobic

  • Neil Patil

    Computer Science, UT Austin 2020

  • Hello! I'm a LASA alum and was captain of LASA's Science Olympiad team during 2015 and 2016. I did build events, which means that most of my SciO memories involve soldering in a hotel room bathtub, getting gliders stuck in chandeliers, or getting kicked out of Wal-Mart at 1 AM (sometimes you gotta test Scrambler the night before...) Science Olympiad has been a pretty big part of my life (in both the good and bad ways), so I'm glad to be helping run this tournament.

    Favorite events: Scrambler, Mission Possible

  • Rohan Chakraborty

    Chemical Engineering, Berkeley 2019

  • Hi! I'm Rohan, and I’m an alum of Seven Lakes High School and Beckendorff Junior High in Katy, Texas. Throughout my Science Olympiad experience, I’ve competed extensively in building events such as Gravity Vehicle and Scrambler as well in as lab events like Chemistry Lab and Forensics. I had a blast organizing our inaugural tournament for you all, and I'm looking forward to making our next tournament even greater!

    Favorite events: Forensics and Chem Lab

    Fun fact: I love anything and everything Drake.

  • Ryan Cohen

    Mechanical Engineering, Stanford 2019

  • Hey, I’m Ryan! I’m an alumni of Mira Loma High School from Sacramento, California and I competed all seven years in B and C divisions. In addition to helping run GGSO, catch me with the arbitration team at NorCal regional and state tournaments. Or hit me up on the GGSO snapchat account 😉

  • Sarah Gurev

    Computer Science, Stanford 2020

  • Hi, I’m Sarah Gurev, and I'm a Mira Loma High School and Winston Churchill Middle School Scioly alum. I've had the opportunity to attend Nationals five times, and the distinct pleasure of competing in every single water event each time. Science Olympiad was such a large part of my life, so I'm grateful it's not quite over yet. I'm really excited to help bring this tournament to life!

    Favorite events: Protein Modeling, Awesome Aquifers, Dynamic Planet

    Fun fact: I was very overprotective of my protein model, possibly because I was constantly worrying that my cat would eat it.

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