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Executive Board

  • Kathryn Li

    Executive Director

    Molecular and Cell Biology, Berkeley 2020
  • Hi, my name is Kathryn and I’m a Palo Alto Science Olympiad alum. In my three years on the team, I’ve competed in a variety of study, lab, and build events, from Chem Lab to Bridge Building. Science Olympiad has been the most important influencer of my college career, so I am incredibly excited to give back to the community through this tournament!

    Favorite events: Forensics, Chem Lab, Protein Modeling, Bridge Building

    Fun fact: I like to figure skate in my free time!

  • Faith Harron

    Executive Director

    Mechanical Engineering, Stanford 2021
  • Hello, I’m Faith--I’m a Bismarck Century High alum, and was a part of Science Olympiad since my middle school years. SciO was always one of my favorite extracurricular activities, and I’m delighted to continue my involvement at university.

    Favorite events: Astronomy, Dynamic Planet, Anatomy and Physiology

    Fun fact: Joan of Arc is my great-aunt--like 11 greats in there, but I am directly descended from her brother.

  • Sarah Gurev

    Tournament Director

    Computer Science, Stanford 2020
  • Hi, I’m Sarah Gurev, and I'm a Mira Loma High School and Winston Churchill Middle School Scioly alum. I've had the opportunity to attend Nationals five times, and the distinct pleasure of competing in every single water event each time. Science Olympiad was such a large part of my life, so I'm grateful it's not quite over yet. I'm really excited to help bring this tournament to life!

    Favorite events: Protein Modeling, Awesome Aquifers, Dynamic Planet

    Fun fact: I was very overprotective of my protein model, possibly because I was constantly worrying that my cat would eat it.

  • Allison Yao

    Tournament Director

    MEB and Psychology, Berkeley 2021
  • Hi, I’m Allison! I love everything Science Olympiad -- my years of competing, the amazing community of people I’ve met, and this very tournament. I’m beyond excited to see what the upcoming season will bring to the table!

    Favorite events: Invasive Species, Herpetology, Forensics

    Fun fact: I’ve gone viral on the Internet.

  • Valerie Hsieh

    Tournament Director

    Physics and German, Berkeley 2020
  • Hey, I’m Valerie! Although I’m not a Science Olympiad alum, I have always been passionate about science and science outreach. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of GGSO’s Executive Board, and am looking forward to help organize a tournament that gives so much to the Bay Area and SciOly communities.

    Favorite events: Herpetology, Mousetrap Vehicle, Materials Science

    Fun fact: One time, Tina Fey’s bodyguard pushed me away from her after a major fangirl moment at the Tony Awards. It was awesome.

  • Evelyn Zhang

    Tournament Director

    Human Biology, Stanford 2021
  • Hi!! I’m Evelyn, and I’m a Mira Loma Sci Oly alumni. I was only on the team since sophomore year, but those 3 years definitely shaped my passions and love for science. It was Science Olympiad that developed my interest in biology and led me to pursue a career in medicine.

    Favorite events: Anatomy and Physiology, Disease Detectives

    Fun fact: I actually didn’t want to do Disease Detectives until my sci oly coach put me on the event sophomore year, and by senior year I was 1st in the nation for the event. Lets just say that my coach made a good call :)

  • Amy Jiang

    Tournament Director

    Berkeley 2022
  • Hi, I'm Amy! I'm a SciOly alum from Interlake High School, where I competed for three years--a few too little, in my opinion. Despite (or maybe thanks to...) almost losing three teammates on the plane and another two during the BART ride, GGSO has been one of the best tournaments I've attended in high school and I'm excited to make it even better!

    Favorite events: Astronomy, Hovercraft, Wright Stuff, Materials Science

    Fun fact: I'm very passionate about the taste of water.

  • Matthew Tang

    Tournament Director

    EECS, Berkeley 2022
  • Hi, I'm Matthew, a SciOly alum from Northwood High School. Having competed for 6 years, SciOly has been a major part of my life. Many of my fondest memories have been from Science Olympiad and I've been able to meet many close friends, competing with them over the years. I'm excited to be on the other side now organizing tournaments for the community!

    Favorite events: Mission Possible, Disease Detectives, Robot Arm

    Fun fact: I love puzzles! Puzzle hunts are one of my favorite activities. I also make puzzle sets of my own too.

  • Emily Wen

    Tournament Director

    CS and Math, Stanford 2022
  • Hi! I'm Emily, an alum of NCSSM and Enloe High School SciOly. Through my 6 years of competing, I've met the most amazing community, both on my teams and online. I'm so glad I can continue being involved through GGSO. Super excited to help make this invite happen! :)

    Favorite events: Codebusters, Experimental Design, Dynamic Planet

    Fun fact: I've never competed in a scioly invitational.

  • Martin Altenburg

    Tournament Director

    Electrical Engineering, Stanford 2021
  • I am super excited to be a part of this year's GGSO team. Growing up in North Dakota, Science Olympiad was the first times I really got to share my interest in STEM with people around my school and state. I'm passionate about making STEM education and opportunities accessible for students of all backgrounds and can't wait to help make that a reality within GGSO!

    Favorite events: Meteorology and Towers

    Fun fact: I once competed in eight events during a regional tournament. Quite the time!

  • Sophia Wang

    Tournament Director

    Molecular and Cell Biology, Berkeley 2022
  • Hi, I’m Sophia and I’m a Mira Loma High School and Winston Churchill Middle School Science Olympiad alum. I can’t really pinpoint exactly what I love about Science Olympiad, but it’s been seven years and I’m still here so I guess there must be something there.

    Favorite events: Disease Detectives, Ecology, Simple Machines

    Fun fact: I've met a real life disease detective.

  • Vinay Gautam

    Tournament Director

    Computer Science, Berkeley 2023
  • Hi! My name is Vinay and I am an alum of Seven Lakes High School in Houston, Texas. Science Olympiad completely changed my life and I am forever grateful for the skills and friendships I made in my years on the team. I’m so excited to be apart of GGSO and can’t wait to help host this tournament for everyone!

    Favorite events: Codebusters, Sounds of Music, Game On

    Fun fact: In the 2 years I was on the team, I competed in 17 events.

  • Amy Lo

    Tournament Director

    Stanford 2023
  • Hi, I'm Amy, and I'm a Walnut High School and Suzanne Middle School alum! SciOly has been a formative part of my growth, which is why I’m even more excited to see how I can help this tournament grow!

    Favorite events: Forensics and Experimental Design

    Fun fact: I have 50+ (and growing) themed Spotify playlists, each curated to a different mood, atmosphere, and vibe.

  • Britney Weng

    Tournament Director

    Berkeley 2023
  • Hey, I'm Britney and I'm a Milpitas High alum! I'm super excited to stay involved with SciOly and give back to the Bay Area and SciOly communities through GGSO.

    Favorite events: Herpetology, Invasive Species

    Fun fact: I have the same birthday as McDonald's!

Evaluation Committee

  • Aditya Shah

    Test Committee

    Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin 2022
  • Hi! I'm Aditya and I'm from Katy, Texas, where I competed in Science Olympiad at Beckendorff Junior High and Seven Lakes High School. Over the years, I've come to love everything about Science Olympiad, from the thrill of learning something new to all the amazing friends I've made. I'm beyond excited to give back to the Science Olympiad community by helping GGSO!

    Favorite events: Astronomy, Write It Do It

    Fun fact: I am a basket baller

  • Anna Perhach

    Test Committee

    Economics/MCBiology, Berkeley 2021
  • Hi people of GGSO. I did Science Olympiad in SoCal for seven years, mostly identification events. I've started writing Road Scholar tests for a few regionals. I'm really excited to be involved with GGSO.

    Favorite events: Rocks and Minerals, Road Scholar, Fossils

    Fun fact: I balloon twist

  • Anson Pham

    Test Committee

    San Jose State University 2023
  • Hi! I'm Anson and I'm a Milpitas High School alum! I've competed in Science Olympiad for four years and have been a Division A tournament director for two years. I can't wait to help out at GGSO!!

    Favorite events: Game On, Experimental Design, Codebusters

    Fun fact: Scratch Cat is my lord and savior.

  • Anton Zabreyko

    Test Committee

    Computer Science and Physics, Berkeley 2023
  • Hello! I’m Anton. I have great memories of pilfering food off of my teammates while studying for the competitions, and now I’m back to get some more free food while watching the next generation of aspiring scientists and engineers suffer/enhance their knowledge. For fun, I work on the next Google, increase the universe’s entropy, and sleep.

    Favorite events: Astronomy, Disease Detectives, Thermodynamics

    Fun fact: My favorite programming language is Scheme! It's very beautiful.

  • Antonio Frigo

    Test Committee

    Math and Physics, Stony Brook University 2023
  • My name is Antonio, and I'm an Acton-Boxborough Regional High School alum. Although medals were always nice, my favorite part of SciOly was spending time with friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise, often from across the country. Really excited to be helping out!

    Favorite events: Astronomy, Hovercraft, Mousetrap Vehicle

    Fun fact: I have a spreadsheet of my favorite hex colors codes. It's awesome.

  • Edward Mu

    Test Committee

    Chemistry, Berkeley 2020
  • Hi, I'm Edward, an SO alum from Wayzata High School in Plymouth, MN. SO was a big part of my high school experience and I'm excited to give back to the SciOly community! I've been volunteering with GGSO since it was founded in my freshman year and am excited to serve as a Test Supervisor this year!

    Favorite events: GeoLogic Mapping, Chemistry Lab, Dynamic Planet

    Fun fact: Ask me about the cow costume.

  • Jun(e) Yang

    Test Committee

    Chemical Engineering, MIT 2020
  • Hi! I'm Jun(e). I used to go to Troy High School until I got too old. My favorite parts of Science Olympiad were meeting people and crushing the souls of the weak. In my spare time, I like working on my undergraduate degree, painting my nails, and doing chemistry.

    Favorite events: Protein Modelling, Chemistry Lab, Dynamic Planet

    Fun fact: My name backwards is gullible.

  • Lydia Chan

    Test Committee

    Computer Science, Stanford 2022
  • Haii, I'm Lydia, and I'm a Troy High School SciOly alum (woot!). Through SciOly, I got to meet so many cool and amazing people. I especially loved going to invitationals because of all the fun and unexpected things that happen (from TSA and forensics kits...yikes, to ice cream in pouring rain). And I can't wait for GGSO :)

    Favorite events: Forensics, Astronomy

    Fun fact: I raced in an international race (and skipped a week of school) for Dragon Boat!

  • Mihir Singhal

    Test Committee

    Math, MIT 2022
  • Hi! I'm Mihir, and I am a Palo Alto High School Scioly alum. I had a great time during my 6 years of competing, and I'm excited to be on the evaluation committee for my first year!

    Favorite events: Fermi Questions, Astronomy

    Fun fact: Did you know that raindrops aren't raindrop-shaped?

  • Sarah Liu

    Test Committee

    Biological Engineering, Purdue 2020
  • Hi! I used to compete for Carmel High School (IN, since there's also one in NorCal - I know because I've seen it), and there's a high chance you've probably seen me around on other scioly-related sites or at other tournaments...that's not an uncommon occurrence.

    Favorite events: Forensics, Protein Modeling, Designer Genes

    Fun fact: I once commented a ridiculous challenge for TwoSet Violin to try as a part of one of their subscriber milestone thank-you videos, and they featured my comment in the video and tried the challenge!

  • Shayana Venukanthan

    Test Committee

    Stanford 2023
  • Hi, I'm Shayana and I'm a Mira Loma Science Olympiad alum. I never really stuck to a particular event during my Scioly career, but I loved the experience of exploring different areas of science, competing, and building lasting relationships with my team members. I will always appreciate my Scioly family and can't wait to find another through GGSO!

    Favorite events: Water Quality, Dynamic Planet

    Fun fact: Last year at Nationals, I medaled at the one event I nearly missed due to a schedule typo.

Event Supervisors

  • Sophia Velasco

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Biochemistry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Florida Honors Program 2023
  • Hey everyone! I'm Sophia and I competed with Boca Raton High School (FL) for three years. I had an amazing experience competing in the 1st GGSO Invite and it feels surreal that I'm writing an exam for GGSO now! To view my Science Olympiad history, check out my page (User:Svph300).

    Favorite events: Anatomy and Physiology, Protein Modeling, Microbe Mission

    Fun fact: In middle school, I memorized 441 digits of pi in 3 days to win a 1980s boombox. Worth it.

  • Tad Komacek


    Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago 2013
  • I'm a postdoc at the University of Chicago. My research is focused on the climate and atmospheric circulation of extrasolar planets.

    Favorite events: It's About Time, Astronomy, Solar System

    Fun fact: KELT-9 is the hottest planet known, with a dayside temperature similar to that of a K-dwarf star.

  • Connor Todd


    Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan 2020
  • I grew up outside Philadelphia and competed in Science Olympiad at Harriton High School. Astronomy was and is my favorite event, and an obsession from a young age. I am currently a National Event Supervisor for this event, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to be part of the organization that gave me so much!

    Favorite events: Astronomy, Remote Sensing, Geologic Mapping

    Fun fact: I once coordinated a relay with my college's running club from one of Michigan to the other (184 miles!) in less than 24 hours

  • Nick Bowman


    Computer Science, Stanford 2019
  • Hey, I'm Nick! I had the joy of competing in Science Olympiad for 3 years at Troy High School in Fullerton, CA, during which I got to be a part of two Nationals-winning teams. I captained the team in my senior year and really enjoyed participating in invitationals, which is why I now try to give back by volunteering at events like GGSO. I'm really looking forward to meeting all the competitors and making this event a great one.

    Favorite events: It's About Time, Maglev

    Fun fact: My MagLev car for Nationals 2014 was made to work (at 2 am on the day of Nationals) with the help of a component salvaged from a Happy Meal toy.

  • David Wang

    Chemistry Lab

    Materials Science and Engineering, MIT 2019
  • I’m David and am currently a Materials Engineer at Carbon, Inc. in Redwood City, CA. I had my start in Science Olympiad at Monta Vista High School, and enjoyed it so much I continued in college as an organizer for the MIT Science Olympiad Invitational. Excited to be back in the Bay to help with GGSO!

    Favorite events: Chemistry Lab, Forensics, Compound Machines

    Fun fact: I competed in Materials Science once and was terrible at it.

  • Kevin Hao

    Circuit Lab

    Medical Degree, University of Florida College of Medicine 2024
  • Greetings! I'm Kevin and I'm from Boca Raton, Florida, where I competed at Boca Raton Community High School. Since then, I have been supervising at tournaments, working on the National Physical Science Committee, and will be hosting the 2020 Florida State Tournament. It is my distinct pleasure to be working with GGSO to provide a high quality invitational this year!

    Favorite events: Electric Vehicle, Invasive Species, Remote Sensing

    Fun fact: Despite being unskilled. my favorite thing to do in my free time is play ping pong.

  • Calvin Yan


    Computer Science, Berkeley 2023
  • I'm a Palo Alto High School and Greene Middle School alum and SciOly competitor of 5 years! Science Olympiad was one of my most formative experiences in high school, and kept me well rounded by stuffing novel academic subjects in my shriveled code monkey brain. I'm determined to pay forward what SciOly has bestowed on me as your next Code Busters event supervisor.

    Favorite events: Code Busters, Mission Possible, Game On

    Fun fact: I've been told I do a good Gollum voice, but I'm far too embarrassed to prove it to you.

  • Stephen Gee

    Detector Building

    Materials Science and Engineering, Berkeley 2021
  • Hi, I’m Stephen, an alum from West High in Torrance, California. We only started our team during my junior year of high school, so although I only competed for two years, Science Olympiad has become a big part of my life.

    Favorite events: Fermi Questions, Materials Science, Codebusters

    Fun fact: My favorite Pokemon are the Shroomish line.

  • Connor Duffy

    Designer Genes

    Genetics, Stanford grad student starting 2019
  • I'm a first-year student in the Genetics PhD program at Stanford. I was co-founder, president, and tournament director of Science Olympiad at MIT.

    Favorite events: Astronomy, Disease Detectives, Rocks & Minerals

    Fun fact: I spent a month working at a steel pipe factory in Japan.

  • Rachel Chen

    Disease Detectives

    University of Rochester 2023
  • Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm a SciOly alum from Interlake High School. I competed for four years and loved (almost) every moment, so I'm excited to be able to contribute to GGSO!

    Favorite events: Designer Genes, Microbe Mission

    Fun fact: I have a pet tortoise.

  • Krishni Satchi

    Disease Detectives

    Global Health, University of Southern California 2023
  • Hey, I'm Krishni! I competed on the Winston Churchill and Mira Loma team for a total of 7 years. Competing in Scioly was an incredible experience that sparked my interest in medicine and introduced me to so many amazing people. I'm excited to continue this journey as an alum :)

    Favorite events: Disease Detectives, Anatomy & Physiology, Designer Genes

    Fun fact: I think Love Island is the greatest reality show ever.

  • Tim Dai

    Dynamic Planet

    Stanford 2023
  • Hi, I'm Tim. In high school, I was a part of West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North’s Science Olympiad team. Now that I’m in college, I find myself returning to and learning more about a lot of the topics I found interesting in Science Olympiad.

    Favorite events: Dynamic Planet, Write It Do It, Fossils

    Fun fact: I run an Instagram page for my dog.

  • Alice Wang

    Experimental Design

    Biochemistry, Stanford 2023
  • Hi, I'm Alice, and I'm a Diamond Bar High School and Mesa Robles Middle School Science Olympiad alum. I honestly love SciOly so much, not just because I get exposure to such interesting science topics, but also because of the amazing people I’ve gotten to know through this. I’m a bit sad that I can’t compete anymore, but I’m super excited to continue to be a part of this community!

    Favorite events: Forensics, Microbe Mission

    Fun fact: I've been working on a novel for almost 5 years now.

  • Mrunali Manjrekar


    Bioengineering, Berkeley 2023
  • Hello! I competed in Science Olympiad all four years of high school and found my experience as a competitor and captain incredibly rewarding. I’m thrilled to be event supervising Forensics this year and am looking forward to an enriching time at GGSO!

    Favorite events: Forensics, Chemistry Lab, Thermodynamics

    Fun fact: I love listening to instrumental scores from movies and shows.

  • Ben Clifner


    ChemE/MSE, Berkeley 2023
  • Hey! I’m Ben and I’m a graduate from Canyon Crest Academy. I started competing in Science Olympiad back in sixth grade, and I’m excited that I can still be a part of the organization that helped get me interested in and foster my passion for science.

    Favorite events: Forensics, Materials Science, Chem Lab

    Fun fact: I throw axes and saw logs for fun.

  • Victor Lam


    Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, UCSF PhD Program
  • Hi, I'm Victor! I'm originally from Texas, and graduated from UT Austin in 2017. I'm a Science Olympiad alum from Cypress Lakes High School, and I continued to volunteer at SciOly tournaments in undergrad. I'm currently in the Bay Area pursuing my PhD and researching viruses!

    Favorite events: Microbe Mission, Fossils, History of Science (former Tx Trial Event)

    Fun fact: As an overachiever, I often split my time between SciOly and band back in high school. I still continue to play clarinet today!

  • Peter Zhu

    Geologic Mapping

    Mechanical Engineering / EECS, Berkeley 2021
  • Hi! I'm Peter, an alum from Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego. I have been involved in Science Olympiad as far back as I can remember, and it has played a huge role in my life from shaping what I am currently studying to the friends I have made so far. I'm excited to be a part of the GGSO team and look forward to meeting you all!

    Favorite events: Geologic Mapping, Wright Stuff, Experimental Design

    Fun fact: I really like the squirrels at UC Berkeley.

  • Julie Meng

    Geologic Mapping

    Biological Engineering, MIT 2023
  • Hey friends! I’m Julie and I’m a Palo Alto SciOly alum and former team captain. SciOly was full of so many good times and quality mems during my high school years, so I’m incredibly excited to stay involved in college. :)

    Favorite events: Geomapping, Anatomy and Physiology, Herpetology

    Fun fact: I ran a half marathon!

  • Alaric Qin

    Gravity Vehicle

    Systems/Transportation Engineering, University of Pennsylvania PhD Program
  • Hello! I'm Alaric, born and raised in Los Angeles, been involved with Science Olympiad for nearly 11 years now, Troy High c/o 2011, University of Pennsylvania c/o 2016 (M&T dual degree in Electrical Engineering & Management/Marketing; master's degree in systems/transportation engineering). Currently, I work in San Francisco at McKinsey&Company, a global management consulting firm. I was a former captain and 4-year member of Troy Science Olympiad, where I competed at Regionals, State and Nationals in mostly engineering events (of which Mission Possible was, and will always be, my favorite event of all time). In the years following high school, I directed three invitational tournaments in Southern California for Division B teams and have had extensive experience event supervising both Div B and C. Really excited to be a part of this Bay Area event!

  • Vyassa Baratham


    Physics/Neuroscience, Berkeley PhD Program
  • I'm a graduate student in the physics department at UC Berkeley, and I've been curious about science for as long as I can remember. My current research involves understanding the electrical signals that neuroscientists use to study the brain. I have many fond memories of SciOly, and it's great to be able to give back!

    Favorite events: Wind Power, Chem Lab

    Fun fact: I once got my hair cut by Yo-Yo Ma's barber

  • Rebecca Shi


    Neurosciences, Stanford PhD Program
  • Hi! I participated in Science Olympiad with West-Windsor Plainsboro High School South (NJ) from 2008-2011, and now I am a fourth year graduate student in the Stanford Neurosciences PhD Program. Science Olympiad helped foster my love for biology, and the community we have is fantastic -- I’m thrilled that I still have the chance to give back to Science Olympiad as an alum!

    Favorite events: Ornithology, Cell Biology, Ecology

    Fun fact: I enjoy teaching, birdwatching, and playing video games + board games!

  • Vivian Lu

    Ping Pong Parachute

    Bioengineering/EECS, Berkeley 2022
  • Hi, my name is Vivian and I competed with the Wilson High School Science Olympiad for 4 years. The majority of the events I competed in were engineering events. Science Olympiad was a great experience for me and I'm excited to be helping out with this tournament.

    Favorite events: Mission Possible, Robot Arm, WiDi

    Fun fact: I know how to make balloon animals.

  • Sameer Rajesh

    Protein Modeling

    Molecular and Cell Biology, Berkeley 2023
  • Hi! I'm Sameer and I'm a Clements Science Olympiad alum. I competed in Science Olympiad for two years in high school, in events like Chem Lab and Astronomy. I'm super hyped to be supervising at GGSO this year and I can't wait to see all of you guys in February!

    Favorite events: Chem Lab, Protein Modeling, Astronomy

    Fun fact: Cheez-Its are better than Goldfish and if you disagree, your opinion doesn't count.

  • Justin Oca

    Sounds of Music

    Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin 2023
  • Hey! My name is Justin and I went to school at Beckendorff Junior High and Seven Lakes High School. From the amazingly cool stuff I got to learn to the late-night grind sessions I had with my friends, I will always be grateful for Science Olympiad.

    Favorite events: Hovercraft, Thermodynamics, Sounds of Music

    Fun fact: I like jazz.

  • Brandon Tran

    Water Quality

    Mechanical Engineering, Berkeley 2023
  • Hi! My name’s Brandon. I’m from Hockessin, Delaware, and I competed in Science Olympiad for 6 years at H.B. duPont Middle School and the Charter School of Wilmington. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, League of Legends, and board games.

    Favorite events: Thermodynamics, Water Quality, Crave the Wave

    Fun fact: I have a pet turtle named Shelley.

  • Nikhil Gupta

    Wright Stuff

    Mechanical Engineering, Berkeley 2022
  • Hi, I’m Nikhil, and I’m a graduate of Mira Loma High School. I’ve been doing Science Olympiad for seven years, and have loved every moment of it! I have done build events for my whole career so I know the stress involved with it from the last minute fix-ups to midnight runs to Hobby Stores. I am excited to continue Science Olympiad as an event supervisor for Wright Stuff!

    Favorite events: Robot Arm, Mission Possible, Helicopters

    Fun fact: I can juggle

  • David Yang

    Wright Stuff

    Mechanical Engineering, Berkeley 2021
  • Hi!! I’m David, and I’m a Mira Loma Sci Oly alumni. I was only on the team since freshman year, but those 4 years definitely shaped my passions and love for science. It was Science Olympiad that developed my interest in engineering and led me to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.

    Favorite events: Robot Arm, Wright Stuff, Air Trajectory

    Fun fact: I finished building my air trajectory the night before I left for nationals and I had no idea if it was going to work. Still ended up getting that bread tho.

  • Alice Tran

    Write It, Do It

    Biology & Business, Berkeley 2023
  • Hello! My name is Alice Tran, the event supervisor for Write It Do It. I'm from Rosemead, California and I competed in Science Olympiad during middle school and high school.

    Favorite events: Bridge Building, Anatomy, Write It Do It

    Fun fact: I really like watching shows, especially Korean dramas.


  • Abraham Chen


    Economics and Computer Science, Berkeley 2019
  • Hi, my name is Abraham Chen, I’m a Mounds View Scioly Alumni, and I’ve been involved in Scioly all through high school. One time my team’s Scioly bus got stranded on a highway for 7 hours, making our trip to a tournament 21+ hours. That’s dedication.

    Favorite events: Forensics, Fossils and Experimental Design

    Fun fact: I like heights because it scares me.

  • Alex Lu


    Biomedical Computation, Stanford 2019
  • Hi! I’m Alex, I went to Palo Alto High School! Looking forward to a fun second year of GGSO. Also looking forward to not having to drive to Berkeley… the cinnamon buns were worth it though.

    Favorite events: Anatomy and Physiology, Forensics

    Fun fact: This pic is from pre-prom after States 2015 .__.

  • Denis Li


    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Berkeley 2019
  • I've been involved with Science Olympiad at Mounds View since 2012. Science Olympiad was by far my favorite thing that I did in high school and I hope our tournament will be a blast for everyone attending!

    Favorite events: It’s About Time, Technical Problem Solving, Compound Machines

    Fun fact: People who have more birthdays live longer.

  • Dhruv Puri


    Molecular and Cellular Biology, Berkeley 2019
  • Hi, my name is Dhruv, I’m a LASA Scioly Alumni, and I’ve been involved in Scioly all through high school. Science Olympiad helped me find my passion for biology and had led me to a career in medicine.

    Favorite events: Anatomy and Physiology, Protein Modeling, Material Science

    Fun fact: Most nights you can find me DJing in SF or LA at salsa and bachata clubs.

  • Jonathan Wang


    Computational Biology, Stanford 2019
  • I’m a Mounds View high school alum who has been to nationals since my freshman year. Scioly has played an influential role in my dedication towards impacting society through health and tech! I am looking forward to sharing my Science Olympiad experience with current scioly competitors by helping to run invitationals across the bay area, hoping to inspire and enrich STEM education for students nationwide.

    Favorite events: Mission Possible, Chemistry Lab, Sounds of Music, Designer Genes

  • Ryan Cohen


    Mechanical Engineering, Stanford 2019
  • Hey, I’m Ryan! I’m an alumni of Mira Loma High School from Sacramento, California and I competed all seven years in B and C divisions. In addition to helping run GGSO, catch me with the arbitration team at NorCal regional and state tournaments. Or hit me up on the GGSO snapchat account 😉

  • Rohan Chakraborty


    Chemical Engineering, Berkeley 2019
  • Hi! I'm Rohan, and I’m an alum of Seven Lakes High School and Beckendorff Junior High in Katy, Texas. Throughout my Science Olympiad experience, I’ve competed extensively in building events such as Gravity Vehicle and Scrambler as well in as lab events like Chemistry Lab and Forensics. I had a blast organizing our inaugural tournament for you all, and I'm looking forward to making our next tournament even greater!

    Favorite events: Forensics and Chem Lab

    Fun fact: I love anything and everything Drake.

  • Neil Patil


    Computer Science, UT Austin 2020
  • Hello! I'm a LASA alum and was captain of LASA's Science Olympiad team during 2015 and 2016. I did build events, which means that most of my SciO memories involve soldering in a hotel room bathtub, getting gliders stuck in chandeliers, or getting kicked out of Wal-Mart at 1 AM (sometimes you gotta test Scrambler the night before...) Science Olympiad has been a pretty big part of my life (in both the good and bad ways), so I'm glad to be helping run this tournament.

    Favorite events: Scrambler, Mission Possible

  • Kevin Meng

    Executive Director

    Psychology and Economics, UC Berkeley 2020
  • Hi, my name is Kevin Meng, I’m an Ed W. Clark HS Scioly alumni and captain. In preparation for state and nationals, I’ve stayed at school so late that midnight snacks and basketball with the cleaning staff is a norm. I’ve been told before that my love for Science Olympiad is “infectious”. Spread the love and stay committed!

    Favorite events: Gravity Vehicle, Elastic Launched Glider, Wright Stuff, WIDI

    Fun fact: My team and I won a state championship in soccer! I have a fierce passion for music and sports. Play me.

  • Colin Barber

    Tournament Director

    Microbiology, Berkeley PhD Program
  • Hi I’m Colin and I love microbes. I competed for Wellwood Middle School and Fayetteville-Manlius High School and I graduated with a BS in microbiology from Cornell University last May. For three years, I also helped lead Science Olympiad at Cornell where I served as co-president 2015-16. Did I mention I love microbes?

    Favorite events: Microbe Mission, Fermi Questions, Thermodynamics

    Fun fact: My Fermi partner and I agreed to shave each other’s heads if we got 1st in Fermi at States 2013. The rest is history.

  • Kelly Yu

    Tournament Director

    Economics, Berkeley 2021
  • Hello, I’m Kelly! I’m an alum of John P. Stevens Science Olympiad in Edison, New Jersey. (East coast represent!) I have made some of my best memories through SciOly, from the loud bus rides to the actual tournament days. Most importantly, SciOly has taught me to constantly stay curious and hungry.

    Favorite events: Forensics, Fossils, Microbe Mission

    Fun fact: I played the clarinet for 10 years!

Golden Gate Science Olympiad

    Golden Gate Science Olympiad is run by Golden Gate Science League, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

    Questions? Interested in sponsoring? Joining us as a student at Stanford or UC Berkeley next year? Shoot us an email to get involved with our team!

    Science Olympiad invitational run by UC Berkeley and Stanford University students. Coming 2020.