February Updates

February Updates

Hello GGSO community,

I hope you all have been doing well! With the tournament less than a week away, we would like to provide you with one final update.

As a friendly reminder, the deadline for student rosters and release forms have passed, but if it has not already been completed, please do it as soon as possible. All competing students must sign and submit the release forms in order to participate. The “Verification/checklist” function on the Scilympiad for coaches should be activated, so you can check which students have submitted their release forms using that link on your dashboard. Additionally, registration payment is due in just a few days on February 10th, 2022, so please get them in soon.

With the change to a satellite format, we have compiled a document detailing all the event modifications. It includes instructions for video submissions and pre-tournament preparations (i.e. Machine Learning, Experimental Design, Forensics, and Write It Do It), as well as the parameters for It’s About Time. Again, teams without access to a school or gym space on tournament day should reach out via email to arrange an alternative time block. If you have reached out, you should have received an email last night (Sunday) with follow-up information. If you did not receive this email, please follow up again. Team numbers have been assigned on Scilympiad and can also be found here. Self-scheduling for events will be open until February 11 at 11:59 PM. In last week’s email, we stated that teams from the same school have to select the same self-schedule slot, however we are revising this rule. For Bridge, Ping Pong Parachute, and Wright Stuff, teams from the same school CAN sign up for different time slots. For Gravity Vehicle and Trajectory, teams from the same school will have to sign up for the same time slot.

Additionally, there was an issue on Scilympiad with coordinating payments and some teams were unable to sign-up. We have marked everyone as paid on Scilympiad so everyone should be able to complete self-sign up now (Under the green Sign-Up heading on the Head Coach Dashboard, there is a button named “Scheduled-Event Timeblocks.” This will redirect you to a page where there is a blue button labeled “Event Signup” which will then redirect you to where you can sign your teams up). Because of this change, we will be tracking payments on this document, where you can find the status of your payment. If the information does not look accurate, please let us know.

As mentioned previously, we have made a Google Form through which students will submit their note sheets before the event starts, which can be found here. Once again, this form is intended only for events with a limited number of note sheets; binder events do not require a submission. Please make one submission per team per event. If you update your notes, you should resubmit your note sheet to this form; we will only check the latest submission. All copies of the cheat sheets submitted will be deleted after the awards ceremony, which will be taking place on Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 5 pm PT. Its schedule is linked here.

We understand that with this new format, communication between teams and tournament directors can be difficult. This year, GGSO will have a Zoom link open from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm on tournament day, February 12, for any urgent questions/concerns regarding the tournament. This zoom link is for coaches only - students should direct their questions to event supervisors and/or coaches first. Students and coaches can refer to our Day-of Tournament Troubleshooting guide for common solutions to technical problems before contacting tournament directors. For any event-specific challenges/concerns, coaches can file an online appeal through Scilympiad as usual.

We have also created an academic integrity guide for both students and coaches to read, and that document can be found here. Please make sure to read it in its entirety as it details our investigation procedures in the event that we suspect cheating has occurred. All communication with teams regarding academic integrity will be done through coaches, so please be sure to monitor your email regularly and respond in a timely manner if we have any inquiries.

Also, T-shirts are $12 dollars each and you can order them directly on CustomInk here. Orders may be placed until competition day (February 12th) and will be shipped directly to you by CustomInk in early March. You are responsible for covering the shipping costs, so we encourage teams to place orders together to reduce the cost of shipping.

Be sure to follow GGSO on all our social media platforms, so that you can stay up to date with the latest:

We will be having a series of contests, challenges, and giveaways on the day of the tournament and throughout the following week! Keep up with our social media for further details, updates, and announcements — you won’t want to miss it!

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors for helping make this tournament possible: Stanford School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Chemical and Systems Biology at Stanford, and Professional Engineers in California Government.

All these updates are reflected in our detailed plan. Please refer to this document for our most up-to-date information.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at goldengatescioly@gmail.com!

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