Final Updates

Final Updates

Hello GGSO community,

I hope you all have been doing well! The Golden Gate Science Olympiad tournament is tomorrow (Saturday 2/12), so here are some final reminders:

Important Info: All up-to-date information can be found on our GGSO 2022 Tournament Information document. Please share this with all your students. Additionally, please review the event modification document for any updates to events and to ensure you have all the necessary materials.

Scilympiad Action Items (Students): Please ensure that all students have access to Scilympiad and can log in using their Login IDs before the tournament tomorrow. Any issues with login should be resolved before the tournament. Students must also turn in their waiver/release forms prior to tournament day (by February 11, 11:59 pm PT) in order to compete. Additionally, if you have not already done so, please fill out and scan the additional Satellite Science Olympiad School Use Agreement and upload the form on Scilympiad under Documents.

Scilympiad Action Items (Coaches): Student rosters should be finalized on Scilympiad by this same deadline (February 11, 11:59 pm PT). Coaches, remember that you must add students to teams and events on Scilympiad in order for students to take tests on tournament day.

Time Zones: Please note that all event schedules have times listed in Pacific Time. If your time zone is different, ensure that your students are aware of the respective time in your current time zone.

Emergency Contact: Should you have any urgent questions on the day of the tournament, coaches (no students) may join this Zoom meeting. The zoom will be open from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Students and coaches can refer to our Day-of Tournament Troubleshooting guide for common solutions to technical problems before contacting tournament directors. For any event-specific challenges/concerns, coaches can file an online appeal through Scilympiad as usual.

Cheat Sheet Submission: Remind your students to submit a copy of their cheat sheets here BEFORE the tournament starts! This form is intended only for events with a limited number of note sheets; binder events do not require a submission. Please make one submission per team per event; if partners have different copies of the cheat sheet, upload both versions in the submission. If you update your notes, you should resubmit your note sheet to this form; we will only check the latest submission.

Academic Integrity Guide: We have also created an academic integrity guide for both students and coaches to read, and that document can be found here. Please make sure to read it in its entirety as it details our investigation procedures in the event that we suspect cheating has occurred. All communication with teams regarding academic integrity will be done through coaches, so please be sure to monitor your email regularly and respond in a timely manner if we have any inquiries. As a reminder, please do NOT communicate to any other competitors about any event information until after the awards ceremony (this includes posting on online platforms). There are a few teams competing in events after tournament day (2/12) so this is essential for ensuring fairness for all competitors. Competitors who violate this rule may be disqualified for one or more events.

Social Media: Be sure to follow GGSO on all our social media platforms, so that you can stay up to date with the latest:

We will be having a series of contests, challenges, and giveaways on the day of the tournament and throughout the following week! Keep up with our social media for further details, updates, and announcements — you won’t want to miss it!

T-shirt Sale: GGSO T-shirts are now on sale! T-shirts are $12 dollars each and you can order them directly on CustomInk here. Orders may be placed until competition day (February 12th) and will be shipped directly to you by CustomInk in early March. You are responsible for covering the shipping costs, so we encourage teams to place orders together to reduce the cost of shipping.

Good luck to all the students competing tomorrow, we hope you all have a great experience!

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