Final Scores

Final Scores

Final scores can be found here. Blank tests, keys, and score distributions can be found here.

Previously, GGSO had the policy that all scores were final after the awards ceremony was over. However, due to the unique nature of Science Olympiad this year, we have decided to implement a score review period after our awards ceremony. After results are released after the awards ceremony, teams will have until 5 pm PT on Monday, February 22 to fill out this form to tell us about any major result discrepancies (ex. Incorrect no-shows, DQs, clerical errors). The score review period will NOT be accepting any regrade requests for students contesting question rubrics. After this score review period, our results will be considered final.

Our awards ceremony can be found on Youtube here. Graded copies of tests can now be found on Scilympiad.

Finally, please ask your teams to fill out our tournament survey if you have not done so already! After the awards ceremony, we will be providing PDF copies of tests and keys for all events to teams that have survey responses from at least one coach and one student.

Thank you to all the teams who participated in our tournament, and we hope to see everyone again (perhaps in person..?) next year!

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