January Updates

January Updates

Hello GGSO community,

Happy New Year! We hope you and your team had a safe and restful winter break.

As we prepare for our invitational next month, we have a few general tournament reminders.

  • January 9th: Any schools interested in ordering a 2023 GGSO shirt should fill out the pre-order form by this date. Shirts are $15 each and will be given to teams in-person on tournament day. Please email us if you’re unable to collect sizes on time!
  • January 13th: Competitor forms are due, including the release waiver on Scilympiad, a liability waiver, a photo release form, and a consent to treatment of minor form. Please submit the latter three forms as one combined PDF per team to this Google Form.
    • For the Scilympiad release waiver, follow steps 12 and 13 on our Scilympiad Guide. Some teams have skipped step 12, so please ensure that you are assigning students to teams in addition to sending out the release form link. Let us know if Scilympiad is giving you trouble—we’re happy to help.
    • For the photo release form, all individuals attending GGSO (coaches, competitors, any parent volunteers, other spectators, etc.) should fill this out. Minors can have the ‘Witnessed By’ section signed by their head coach.
  • January 18th: Self-scheduling for Bridge, Flight, Trajectory, Scrambler, and Mission Possible (trial) will open via Scilympiad at 12pm; instructions will be sent out closer to the sign-up date.
  • February 11th: Tournament day! Have the event schedule handy, and be sure all competitors know their team number before heading to any event. Going forward, please email us directly rather than updating Scilympiad if you’d like to make any changes to your team name. Note that only certain events (Bridge, Scrambler, and Trajectory) are open to spectators due to building restrictions.
  • Event Reminders: Both Rocks & Minerals and Mission Possible (trial) will follow National rules. All other events will follow Regional rules.

That’s all for now! Thanks for staying on top of these deadlines, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions as we approach February 11th.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at goldengatescioly@gmail.com!

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